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Next show:  

No more shows currently scheduled for this year.  However, I have recently set up most of my items at the Cat's Meow (137 N Main Street, Pine Mountain, GA 31822).  Visit the store if you're in the area and check out the website at http://www.catsmeowpolishpottery.com.

If you know of a show in Georgia or Alabama that I should participate in, please contact me by email below.


My animal puzzles and acrobats, as well as Christmas ornaments are now available at Connie's Antiques & Etc.

 (111 Ridley Avenue in LaGrange, GA).  If you see something you like on this website, please let me know by email (click below).


Here's another woodworking site. I've spent a lot of lunch hours looking at woodworking, turning, scrolling, etc. sites to get project ideas and simply for the pure enjoyment of the art of woodworking. So I consider myself an expert on what such a site should include.

I don't mean to imply that this site is the ultimate. Looking at photos gave me some ideas for projects, but it didn't help much with my personal ability. So, the same is true in site-building. I know what I like to see, but that doesn't necessarily get it there.

So, here's my first attempt at site-building. Feel free to become an expert critic and let me know how to improve this site. Also, send me your woodworking tips. I ask because I need all the tips I can get, but I also plan to add a "tip" page for anyone looking for how-to ideas. We all know something, but very few us know everything. If we all share our knowledge and ideas, we can all benefit from it.

Just one more thing before I get to the good stuff. Although the purpose of this website is not for personal income, everyone has their price. So if you see something you'd like to own, please request more information by email and I'll send you the details. All my work is custom and each piece is a one-of-a-kind. So if you see something you'd like, but in a different wood, size, shape, whatever, let me know. Maybe we can work something out.


This is my granddaughter, Sharalyn, on her trusty horse, Rocky, my first attempt at a major project.  Click here for a larger picture:

Your comments and suggestions for improving this site are always welcome.